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Nick Cheung has a happy family and does not want to go off track
Shawn Yue plays a righteous cop in the film
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Shawn Yue Man Lok recently worked on Wong Jing's Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II), bringing them back together years later. Seen as the rising film industry star, Lok Jai this time faced two Best Actors in Chow Yun Fat and Ka Fai. He had to stay alert to learn. He praised the "Seven Best Actor Cheung" for being very helpful to his junior despite his cool exterior. Ka Fai also said that Fat Gor once said the film industry in the next fifty years will be Nicolas Tse Ting Fung's world, but he felt that it will be Yue Man Lok's world.

Ka Fai and Lok Jai worked together before on HELIOS (CHET DOH). Working together again this time, they had even better chemistry. Ka Fai admitted that he was very protective of the younger generation of actors. They all belonged to the Hong Kong film industry so they should support each other. He also said that Hong Kong now seemed to have no actress. He did not want actors to be the same way. Lok Jai said that even though Ka Fai normally spoke very little and looked cool, actually he was very willing to help other actors and would give suggestions. Ka Fai joked, "I like to talk with whomever has more girls." Lok Jai looked defeated. Ka Fai continued to mess with Lok Jai and asked him about his old flame Kary Ng Yu Fei's wedding rumors. He also made fun of him for having many girlfriends but he did not. Lok Jai could not help but fight back, jokingly said that he could try "going off the tracks"; Ka Fai said, "As soon as I go off track I crash, I would lose everything."

Later Ka Fai praised Lok Jai. "Fat Gor said that the film industry will be Tse Ting Fung's world for the next 50 years. I say that the film industry for the next 50 years will be Yue Man Lok's world." Lok Jai did not know how to respond. Ka Fai continued, "From what I said, they would be at odds for at least two years. Then I would cover for them and say that actually they are fine. Haha." Lok Jai immediately said, "Then you are just setting me up."

Lok Jai revealed that Ka Fai was the "king of violence". Explosions and gun fights were his favorite scenes to make. Even when everyone ran away, he would still be on the set to watch. Ka Fai joked that ever since a childhood fight he realized that he had destructive and violent tendencies. He liked the feeling of adrenaline very much. Reporters asked if he has used corporal punishment with his wife or his daughter? He said of course he would not, but he discovered that his daughter also inherited his violent tendencies. Once his daughter caught his smoking, she actually said to him, "The next time I catch you smoking, I will kill you."

Speaking of working with child star Angela Wang Shiling, Ka Fai said that he needed to have patience with children. Usually Fat Gor would be the one who coaxed her. He really loved children. Speaking of working with Fat Gor, they both praised this superstar for how friendly he was. He was able to make everyone very relaxed and happy. Fat Gor also liked to buy food for everyone, but he usually did not eat himself. Fat Soh would also cook curry chicken for everyone.

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