Thursday, January 15, 2015


Stephen Chow, Kris Wu and Deng Chao do their best Michael Jackson
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Stephen Chow first puts her shoulder around Deng Chao then...
Deng Chao and Lin Yun take strange selfies
Lin Yun at yesterday's wrap took a photo with Stephen Chow far in the background
Wilson Chin even dresses up like a mermaid and interacts with Deng Chao
Lin Yun puts on the coat that Kitty Zhang gives her and thanks her.  She is quite a little networker with her elders.
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film 3D science fiction romantic comedy MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) is heating up in production in Shenzhen. Lead actor Deng Chao joined the production in October and after 3 months of shoot earlier was rumored to be at odds with Sing Yeh over his performance, but actually all were made up. The Central Drama Academy graduate Deng Chao worked in Shenzhen for 3 months. In the film he played a "tall, rich, and handsome" super wealthy real estate businessman. He grasped the character accurately and his entire performance has been "fast, pretty, accurate". Whatever Sing Yeh asked he got it right away. His mind was just as faster as Sing Yeh's and their communication has been good. Their relationship has been growing. Thus, yesterday when Sing Yeh was asked about Deng Chao's poor acting, Sing Yeh spoke up. "No such thing, the shoot has been rather smooth!"

Yesterday the always serious on the set Sing Yeh very humorously sent Deng Chao off. Not only did he performed the Sing Yeh and Vincent Kok Tak Siu kiss scene from THE FLIRTING SCHOLAR (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG), he also performed the moon walk with former EXO member Kris Wu Yifan and Deng Chao. During the group photo he happily cheered. The joyful atmosphere even affected lead actress Lin Yun, who was running all over the set yesterday with Sing Yeh for photos. Executive director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai was also on hand, not only did he demonstrate how to play a "mermaid" but also took many photos. As the villain Kitty Zhang Yuqi finished her scenes already and did not appear yesterday.

MERMAID will wrap before the Year of the Sheep. Reportedly the oddball "octopus" Show Luo will join the team later. The film company of course would like Sing Yeh to perform, but Sing Yeh hoped to be like his previous film JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS and not performance. He will only focus on directing behind the scenes.

The 18 year old Mainland pseudo model Lin Yun became the lead actress and frequently shared on Weibo the production highlight. The new generation "Sing Girl" also often shared photos that she took with her elders like Deng Chao and Lam Tsz Chung. They got along famously. Lin Yun also received a jacket from fellow "Sing Girl" Zhang Yuqi. She immediately put it on and posted on Weibo, "Thank you Yuqi for the clothes you gave, it's very warm."

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