Thursday, April 21, 2016


Bondy Chiu and Chin Siu Ho trade verbal jabs
Chin Siu Ho gets on the ground for his stunts
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Artists Chin Siu Ho and Bondy Chiu Hok Yi earlier worked on the Ha Yu produced film GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU. Because the film had a lot of night scenes, the atmosphere was eerier. They turned into jokesters as they kept coming up with rotten gags to keep the team alert. Hok Yi jokingly called Siu Ho an elder, Siu Ho said, "You want to say I am a senior! I admit to being an elder, my last name is Chin, I am of the 'Chin generation'."

Speaking of all the stunts in the film, Siu Ho said that they have become harder and harder to handle. "I grew up! I could do them but they were tougher. I hope the new generation like co-star Babyjohn (Choi Hong Yik) would be able to take over." Hok Yi joked, "That's why you aren't willing to teach me! You think I am too old!" Siu Ho said, "Actually you are I are pretty close, soon we can take the MTR for two bucks!" Hok Yi said that despite the numerous night shoots, her husband has been very supportive. Siu Ho joked, "You see each other less, reducing friction is even better!"

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