Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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Alice Chan, Stanley Fung, Bob Lam
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Alice Chan Wai, Bob Lam Sing Bun and Stanley Fung Shui Fan yesterday promoted the new film BUDDY COPS (GAING YING HING DAI) at the taping of the TVB programs BIG BOYS CLUB. Although the film was completed 4 years ago, due to Mainland inspection and post production special effects the film will not officially open until next week.

Fung Shui Fan joked that he already forgot about the story and only remembered that he played a retired cop. Bob admitted that he benefited a lot from working with him. They even had many way to rehearse. He said, "His collaboration with (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai can't be topped. He was able to handle mutual improvisation. Watching them act I had to hold back my laughter. For comedy I truly have to become his disciple."

Chan Wai revealed that she, Angela Tong Ying Ying, Skye Chan Sin Yeung played cops in the complaints department but they only had their minds on dressing up. When asked if she had any sexy costume, she said, "In one musical scene I had to wear a Lolita costume. It was so low cut that I didn't know where it ended up, and I had to wear stockings." Bob even revealed that he would appear in a S and M costume. He said, "When I saw it myself I thought it looked rather twisted, before taking my mark people already gave me a purple nurple."

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