Friday, April 22, 2016


King Kong attempts to cover up Bosco Wong on the poster
King Kong and Charmaine Fong visit over 60 cinemas for audience appreciation recently
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Artists King Kong and Charmaine Fong Ho Man two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event at a Kowloon Bay cinema for their film BUDDY COPS (YING GAING HING DAI). They revealed that they went to over 60 cinemas in the Mainland for the same purpose. Fong Ho Man even revealed that Mainland viewers called King Kong "Bosco" by mistake. "Isn't it scary? When I heard it I was rolling on the floor laughing!" During the photo shoot, King Kong jokingly tried to cover up Bosco's image on the poster and even insisted that they did not look too different. "I have more hair than he does!" Two years ago when a sex tape surfaced online, King Kong denied it with "I am not as hairy as he is."

Earlier at the premiere King Kong said that since his on screen mother Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) he wanted to drink milk. This time he continued to talk about "dirty" topics with a "hairy" victory over Bosco. He said that many female friends had "special reaction after watching BUDDY. "They said that they were all wet from watching! They laughed so hard that the corners of their eyes were all wet!" Fong Ho Man immediately stopped King Kong. "Don't think just because you are not fluent you can say anything! (Has he been dirty with you?) He wouldn't dare!" When asked if she put away her figure because only King Kong was with her, she said, "Actually King Kong is pretty great. His new coffee shop gives away coffee with ticket stubs." King Kong still said that she wanted to take advantage of him.

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