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The film PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) received many awards at various film festivals. The film company last night held a celebration. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) attended. The film's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Sing Sing shook hands with everyone and was in high spirits. He even said that his Hong Kong Coliseum concert will have highly difficult challenges.

Sing Sing said that he has already celebrated many time, so many that he could not remember. He celebrated with family and friends. This time he celebrated with the team. As for the film's re-release already reaching HK$ 8 million at the box office, Sing Sing happily said, "I am happy that it had good word of mouth. This was the first film that was released again in my career. Earlier some friends had to work and couldn't see it. Now they can with the re-release. They also said that it was great. (Did your girlfriend watch it again?) I don't want to talk too much about my personal life. (Your girlfriend should really appreciate you.) I don't want to talk too much about my personal life."

Speaking of his upcoming jobs, Sing Sing said that in August he will perform a concert. Has his leg injury healed? Sing Sing said, "Luckily Fat Gor introduced me to a sports physical therapist who studied in the U.S. He helped me recover rapidly in a painless way. After three months I am already over 95% back." He immediately demonstrated with a few jumps. He said that dancing was not a problem, he just could not do anything in high speed. Sing Sing revealed that he wanted to try anything that has not been done at the Hong Kong Coliseum and hoped that everyone would look forward to it. He was very demanding with his choreography. A world class dancer he met earlier agreed to participated. As for films, Sing Sing said that next month he will fly to Kuala Lumpur for a dark comedy SIU SI JEH (HIT AND RUN). He will play a cop.

Bak Ji with the film PORT OF CALL won both Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer and Best Supporting Actor. Has his salary made a big jump? He said, "It's still around there." He said that after winning the awards he has been rehearsing a play with Shine. In June he will work with Ivana Wong Yuen Chi on another play. Wong Yuen Chi last year also won Best New Performer and Bets Supporting Actress. Has he been able to share his experience with her? Bak Ji said, "For now I haven't had the time, but several days ago I saw online how surprised Wong Yuen Chi and (Fiona) Sit Hoi Kei were when they made the announcement. I was very happy to receive this award from their hands."

Carina Lau Ka Ling publicly praised his acting. Would he like to work with Ka Ling? Bak Ji said, "If I have the chance of course I would, I was a little surprised because Ka Ling is an amazing actor and a stage queen. However if we work together I would be very scared because Ka Ling is super strong. (Will you be willing to take a pay cut?) Yes, even with a pay cut, but I am pretty cheap already! (Did you get a raise after the awards?) I know my limits, I didn't get more film offers. Instead I have a lot of plays scheduled. Because I am a stage actor, it's very hard to give up the stage." He also revealed that he was very happy to work with Louis Cheung Ka Chung later on the film Z FOR ZOMBIE (GUM MAN DA SONG SI).

Earlier he mentioned that he could not leave his PORT character. Bak Ji said that after PORT he made many movies and has already left the character. Instead he asked everyone, "Am I scary now?"

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