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King Kong says that Elaine Jin and not Kate Tsui makes him want to drink milk

Bosco Wong has nothing but praise for Charmaine Fong's figure
Charmaine Fong shows off her back
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Charmaine Fong, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, King Kong
King Kong says that Elaine Jin reminds him of his mother
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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, King Kong, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Stanley Fung Shui Fan and Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) two nights ago attended the film BUDDY COPS (YING GAING HING DAI)'s premiere. James Ng Yip Kwan, Sisley Choi Sze Bui, Louisa Mak Ming Sze and Carat Cheung Ming Nga showed their support.

Lead actor Tsui Tsz Shan dressed up and humbly said that her figure was no match for King Kong's girlfriend Yuri Chan, so she was not afraid of rumors when working with King Kong. He was not her type anyway. Did Tsz Shan invite her boyfriend? Tsz Shan claimed not to have one. "How can I invite one if I don't have any? I have male friends. (Anyone with any possibility?) If they do I wouldn't invite them here for you to shoot." Earlier Tsz Shan was caught on a date with David Siu Chung Hung's brother. She clarified that they only ran into each other that day. "Every time I ran into male friends people would write about it. For now I had to avoid everyone, I am afraid of scaring off suitors."

King Kong and Tsz Shan played a couple in the film. He said that Tsz Shan's "buckteeth four eyed girl" in the film frightened him, thus he hit her and gave her a nosebleed. Tsz Shan said, "As soon as he saw my teeth he wanted to hit me."

Bosco praised Fong Ho Man for a great nude scene. "I have never seen her so sexy." However she stressed that he was not tempted. Fong Ho Man said that during the shoot she took precautions so she was not afraid of wardrobe malfunction. Instead Bosco was very nervous for her. "His eyes were electrifying. Although in bed he only kissed my forehead, I was so nervous I was sweating." Bosco joked that their love was very reserved.

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