Saturday, April 23, 2016


Pakho Chau shakes hand with the audience
Ram Chiang, Pakho Chau
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Pakho Chau, Ram Chiang Chi Kwong and director Shirley Yung Sau Lan yesterday attended their new film MY WIFE IS A SUPERSTAR (NGOR LO POR HAI MING SING) audience appreciation event. Pakho and Brother Kwong were very popular with the audience as many fans fought to shake Pakho's hands and take selfies.

Because the film has only been in release for a few days, its box office remained unknown. Pakho said that this was his first audience appreciation event for this film. He saw that the show as sold out and hoped that the film would continue to sell out. He said, "I plan to book a show for friends. Some friends who have seen it like Shiga Lin and the company boss felt that I have improved. I enjoy dressing up in the film, and I was able to write the music for the film theme song." Pakho said that he has already been asked to direct or write a script for a film. When asked what subject he would like to write, he said, "I am interested in writing a story about family or pets, but pets are too hard to work with; as for love story I have already written it in songs." Reporters said that Pakho could write about friendship to coordinate with his earlier "ice breaking" dinner with Shawn Yue Man Lok. Pakho helplessly said, "Actually we just saw each other during the New Year, only we didn't upload the photos. We kept playing ball for Wang Chau Industry, I don't understand why people still remember something from several years ago."

Recently busy with television series, Chiang Chi Kwong no longer had time to guest star in a new film. Has he watched the new television s station ViuTV? Brother Kwong said, "I took a glimpse, it's pretty good. With good competition the company can quicken its pace." However he said that he was not used to the slow pace of the Korean series, after the first two episodes he could not take anymore. He said that he has never finished a Korean series. "Because chasing a series takes a long time, we very rarely can watch an entire series in one breath. Sometimes I can't even watch my own performance."

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