Wednesday, April 6, 2016


King Kong and Bosco Wong cannot believe that the film that they finished in 2013 will not be released until now
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Bosco Wong has to shave for his new film, while King Kong has to do "what men do when they are lonely".
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The Bosco Wong Chung Chak and King Kong starred film BUDDY COPS (YING GAING HING DAI) will be released on the 22nd. Two nights ago they went to the Television City to appear on the Leung Ka Ki host THE GREEN ROOM. The film was completed in 2013 but was not released until three years later. Bosco joked, "AVATAR took almost ten years to make." King Kong said that it was a big production, at first Bosco was worried that whether the film would be out of touch, but after watching the trailer he did not feel that would be a problem. King Kong joked, "I am the most worried about whether I or it (the movie) would go first, if I go first then it will become a final film!" As for the box office, King Kong stated that his friends said that they would show their support and watch Bosco. Thus he would have confidence. When asked about the film's selling points, Bosco said, "Everyone looks forward to seeing how Chicken Little King Kong would be in the film, and my adult video girl look. I went pretty far. (Did you shave your legs?) I even shaved my chest, I was all bruised. Men rarely shaved this spot." King Kong said that in the film he would do what men do when they got lonely. The mental stress was huge. Bosco joked, "Because you have never been lonely, you got some every night, haha."

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