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Vicki Zhao, Wallace Chung
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The Vicki Zhao Wei, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Wallace Chung Han Leung starred police film THREE (SAM YUN HUNG) yesterday held a Beijing press conference. Koo Tin Lok was unable to attend due to work. The film will open nationwide on June 24th. The event also debuted the trailer and poster. Zhao Wei and Chung Han Leung revealed that they were injured from Goo Jai's torture.

Johnnie To Kei Fung, Yau Nai Hoi, Zhao Wei and Chung Han Leung attended. When the two leads were introduced, Chung Han Leung danced his way to the stage. Zhao Wei said that she played a brain doctor and had many surgery scene. She was training for a month before the shoot and at the same time she had professional doctors on the set to assist with the production. She said that she looked very professional. Chung Han Leung played a robber, which he joked was a very talkative robber so he had many long lines. He thanked the director for making his memory stronger. Zhao Wei and Chung Han Leung also revealed that Goo Jai was a muscle man with super strong bicep muscles!

Working with To Sir for the first time, Zhao Wei said that she was very lucky to be the lead actress. She felt very surprised to be invited for the first time, which made her performance more and more fun as the shoot went on.

Zhao Wei and Chung Han Leung revealed that Goo Jai tortured them in the film. Zhao Wei said, "In one scene Goo Jai slapped me. For different angles and bad takes, Goo Jai hit me all day." Chung Han Leung joked that when they got off work they saw Zhao Wei's face swelling up her micro blood vessels burst. Zhao Wei joked that she demanded revenge with screen writer Yau Nai Hoi, so in one scene she slapped Goo Jai. However To Sir might have been taking care of Goo Jai, after a few takes they got off work while Goo Jai hit her all day! Goo Jai grabbed Chung Han Leung by the ear in one scene. Goo Jai kept yanking after grabbing his ear. After the shoot his ear began to swell. He joked that Goo Jai truly was acting in full force!

The stage had three different props, stethoscope, bandages and handcuffs. Zhao Wei used the stethoscope on Chung Han Leung, after which she joked, "He is sick!" Chung Han Leung said that in the film handcuffs were his companion, so he wanted Zhao Wei to be in handcuffs. They also put bandages on the host's head!

The team celebrates with a red wine toast. Winery owner Zhao Wei was asked if during the shoot she and To Sir exchanged their red wine knowledge. Zhao Wei said that To Sir knew about red wines as much as he did about filmmaking, so sometimes they would interact. She also gave some red wine for To Sir to try and received rare praised from him. She could provide unlimited red wine to To Sir!

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