Wednesday, April 6, 2016


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Jet Tone for its 25th anniversary will work with Universal Records on a 2016 Jet Tone 25th Anniversary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Wong Kar Wai's films. The first batch will include 4 important films HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT), FALLEN ANGELS (DOR LOK TIN SI), IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (FA YEUNG NIN WA) and ASHES OF TIME (DUNG CHE SAI DUK)'s ultimate original soundtracks. These 4 films' original soundtracks have been released many times before. This time they will be digitally restored and their sound quality will be elevated. Wong Kar Wai spent a 1 year on the packaging personally, something fresh yet retaining the original flavor. They will also have Wong Kar Wai's personal music selection and production notes for an even more in depth look at his film world. The first collection will also include film still postcards, the director personally chose the film dialogue to support the visual.

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