Friday, April 22, 2016


Mrs. Heung says that Jet Li's health is much better but still has a doctor on the set just in case
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Turning 52 next Tuesday, Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) reduced his performance and appearance due to thyroid illness. Earlier his friend Charles Heung Wa Keung and his wife Tiffany Chan Lan invested film LEAGUE OF GODS (FUNG SUN JUEN KEI) held a Beijing press conference. He made an appearance in support but even with sunglasses he still looked a little worn down. Heung Wa Keung mentioned his past film days with Lee Nin Kit. Lee Nin Kit lamented that the last time they worked together was HITMAN (SAT SAU JI WONG). He truly was very happy to be able to make a movie with an old friend and catch up after so many years. Mrs. Heung revealed that Lee Nin Kit's health was much better. In recent years he had both Chinese and Western medical treatments. He even meditated so he was in decent condition. She described Lee Nin Kit as a family member. In the film Lee Nin Kit would play the aging Jiang Ziya and would personally perform several fight scenes. Mrs. Heung said that a doctor would be on the set and would definitely consider Lee Nin Kit's health. The film starred Heung Wa Keung's son Jacky Heung Jor as Leizhenzi with Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Angelababy.

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