Friday, April 15, 2016


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Gin Lee presents Best Customer Service Award to Gregory Wong
Gin Lee feels the pressure of her record release
Gin Lee has fan support at her record listening event
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Artist Gregory Wong Chung Hiu yesterday with singer Gin Lee Hung Yi attended a fashion event. Wong Chung Hiu even provided image consultation for customers and Gin Lee, who presented the Best Customer Service award to her.

Before getting into the business Wong Chung Hiu once worked sales at a friend's store and folded jeans. Normally he would give his opinions to his girlfriend Christy Lai Kei Kwan about matching clothes. He even said that he would not mind her wearing something sexy, swimsuit or lingerie for work. "Her figure is OK; she is young too, she can try more. After the (pseudo) model wave passed, she wouldn't be dirty or excessive. She would be healthier."

Now Lai Kei Kwan is busy with her final year at the university. After graduation she would be working full time. Wong Chung Hiu would be busy with the film that he will direct in July, THE SINKING CITY (SAI FONG GIK LOK: JOK GA DIK FONG YIN). He said that he would not ask his girlfriend as he was afraid of conflict. "If she wouldn't perform well, should I yell at her or not? For intimate scenes, professionally I would want to be more passionate, which personally wouldn't be too good. I would wait until next time."

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