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Raymond Wong, Karl Maka, Dean Shek, Teddy Robin, Shi Nansun
Wong Ka Ming points at his childhood photo
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THE WIT AND WISDOM OF CINEMA CITY opening ceremony took place yesterday at the Hong Kong Film Archive. Back then the seven person who led Cinema City included Karl Maka, Dean Shek Tin, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Teddy Robin Kwan, Shi Nansun, the other two Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Tsui Hark were unable to attend due to work. ACES GO PLACES's Little Baldy Wong Ka Ming and some behind the scene workers also came to show their support. They were very happy to be together as they shared their Cinema City memories and even rekindled the fire to work together on new movies.

The exhibit had past Cinema City historical contents. 20 top films, posters, publications and film videos. The most special was the replication of the room in which they came up with their ideas. The room brought back many memories for them. Maka said that when he stepped into the room his inspirations sprang endlessly. When Wong Pak Ming entered the room he would naturally sat in the seat that he used to sit in. Among them only he and Teddy Robin didn't smoke. Shek Tin said that they were second hand smoke equipment and were already immune. Maka said, "Thank you very much to the Hong Kong Film Archive for holding this exhibit for Cinema City. At first when we hard that the Archive wanted to interview us we weren't interested at all. Later we learned that they wanted to promote Cinema City's cultural creative struggle spirit to the younger generation and thought that sounded right. We would take our successes and failures, gains and losses, things that we bought with several tens of millions and selflessly share them completely with the younger generation. No one is essential to the film industry, but no money would make it impossible. The film industry is a very odd business, but can't be said as 'difficult'."

Maka and Shek Tin said that when they saw the room, they felt as though they have returned to Cinema City. They wanted to come up with ideas again and prepare for a new film, as they felt the fire started to ignite for a movie. Will the Cinema City Seven appear on camera? Maka said, "That may not be necessary, it will depend on the script. Ultimately it should be carefree. The hardest thing to deal with should be the script, but it definitely will be a comedy. (When will it happen?) I don't know yet, currently we are collecting information. I hope to make the film a return to the world, giving it an impression of a return to form. Casting will also be carefree." People suggested for the Cinema City history to be the subject, Maka asked, "Can it be? I have never dared to do this, I don't dare to sing my own praises." They also recalled that back then they played pranks on Chi Wai because Chi Wai constantly fell asleep. They would stamp seals all over Chi Wai. Chi Wai saw that everyone was laughing at him, he thought that he was famous and popular. When he got home he frightened his wife.

Wong Pak Ming lamented, "In the brink of an eye it has been over 30 years. Back then we worked all night every night until the morning. It's rare for everyone to be together again." Speaking of all the controversy from the film TEN YEARS winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Film, Wong Pak Ming looked upset in the audience that night. He admitted, "I was upset, actually I wasn't unhappy. I thought why was Best Film presented to TEN YEARS. I wasn't targeting TEN YEARS, but the standard that chose 'Best Film'." Earlier Joe Cheung Tung Cho responded to Wong Pak Ming that Best Film should not be determined with its production budget. Wong Pak Ming said, "I am not saying how much budget it had, I have made big and small movies. HAPPY GHOST and WONG KA YAN are both low budget productions, film productions bloom with variety. They can be about any subject. I am only targeting the standard that presents 'Best Film'. I haven't seen TEN YEARS, why would I criticize this film? I only feel that the film didn't have any other nomination, it isn't a huge production. If its subject is good then it should win 'Best Film'. Of course the presented award has already confirmed the result, there won't be any controversy. I only want to suggest whether the future 'Best Film' standard should be even more clearly evaluated." Speaking of To Kei Fung's feeling that directors and filmmakers should not be insulted. Wong Pak Ming said, "To Sir isn't targeting me, but the boss. However he is only talking about the issue. I am only talking about my own stance as well."

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