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Pakho Chau often calls Annie Liu's character "Shu Qi"
Annie Liu enjoys being single
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Instead of hiding her marriage, Annie Liu would consider whether she would wed or not
Pakho Chau is the envy of many in the arms of a goddess
Annie Liu has scenes with Alex Lam in the film
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Pakho Chau in the film MY WIFE IS A SUPERSTAR (NGOR LO POR HAI MING SING) played a couple in a secret marriage. In reality they would not mind being secretly married, especially the low key Pakho. "The people around me and my family would be more comfortable, but even being publicized wouldn't be a big deal."

Without any rumor, Sum Yau's empty love life got attention. If she had to be married in secret, she joked that she would need to consider whether she would wed. She longed to work for her career while she was single now even more. "I have no more fantasy about wearing a wedding gown. I probably would think about the opposite. Lately I participated in a dream wedding, I was happy for a woman who got her happiness. I wouldn't imagine that to be me though."

Sum Yau played big star "Chu Kei", who went from a third or fourth tier artists who played prostitute A to an overnight sensation. Sum Yau luckily did not need to experience the tough climb. "I can understand how Chu Kei feels. Since she really wanted it she would learn to cherish it. I set my goals, once I reached my goals of course I would cherish them. Every process is very important." Pakho also thanked everyone for their love but he did not dare to be called a "god". "I have a lot of gods like Joe Odagiri and the Four Great Heavenly Kings."

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