Monday, April 25, 2016


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Today is Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit)'s 53rd birthday. This year his birthday was rather special because he chose on this day to establish his "Jet Li" public weixin account, which was also one of his birthday wishes. Lee Nin Kit said, "After over 50 years, my birthday wish is to establish this 'Lee Nin Kit" public weixin account in hopes of promoting some meaningful events like charity work and future directions!"

Because Lee Nin Kit was in Beijing he was unable to celebrate his birthday with his family. Fortunately his wife Nina Li Chi and their daughters have always been understanding of his work and never minded. He felt that he did not have to have dinner with his family on his birthday. The most important was to cherish their time together normally, which was already a joy. Lee Nin Kit said that his birthday wish was world peace and less dispute. He chose to establish this public account on April 26th because he wanted everyone to understand the current Lee Nint Kit, the past Lee Nin Kit and the future Lee Nin Kit. He hoped that everyone would follow the account. In order to thank everyone for their support, since yesterday for 10 days in a row 10 would be chosen from those who followed the public account and joined the "Lee Nin Kit Hero Camp" official fan club to receive a personally autographed tee shirt.

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