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Shawn Yue works out to get bigger for the action scenes
Max Zhang's daughter does not appreciate his blond hair
Derek Tsang, Cecilia So, Gordon Lam
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Cecilia So says that she will appear in a swimsuit
Cecilia So laughs off awkward topics
Max Zhang bleaches his hair for the film and severely damages his scalp 
Cecilia So
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The Sun Entertainment invested film THE BRINK (KONG SAU) yesterday held a production start ceremony at the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market. Boss Paco Wong, producer Soi Cheang Po Shui, director Jonathan Li Tsz Chun, actors Shawn Yue Man Lok, Max Zhang Jin, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Cecilia So Lai Shan and Mainland actor Wu Yue attended. As for rumors of him clicking with Mainland actress Zhou Dongyu during a reality show shoot, Lok Jai said that he would never say never.

Yue Man Lok in the film played a robber, a villain and had fight scenes with Zhang Jin. They even ended up in the water. With a diving license, Lok Jai was able to handle it easier. Lok Jai and Mainland actress Zhou Dongyu were rumored to have clicked while working on a reality show, Lok Jai joked, "The reports would definitely say that. Actually I don't mind whatever they write. I have been in the business for years. We have worked together for awhile. As for any opportunity to develop, I would never say never. However it feels more like friendship."

Lok Jai was rumored to be upset at Pakho Chau cheating with their basketball teammate's sister behind his girlfriend's back and thus have been at odds for years. Lately they finally broke the ice. Lok Jai said, "Are you talking about such nonsense? We have always been fine, we have been written about for three years. During the period we met and had dinner. I was hardly ever in Hong Kong so I rarely saw my friends." Would he play basketball with Pakho? "I haven't played in awhile, I don't have time to do anything else because work has taken up a lot of time. I have to spend more time with my family. I sacrificed my personal time."

Playing a cop in the film, Zhang Jin dyed his hair blond. He said that he had to bleach his hair three to four times for this effect, but his younger daughter did not appreciate it at all. She even said to him, "Papa you are very gross!" Speaking of Lok Jai deliberately pumping up for his fight scenes with him, Zhang Jin said, "He is much bigger than me, if you can fight you don't have to be big." Playing Zhang Jin's partner, Wu Yue said that this was the film with the most fight scenes in his career.

As Zhang Jin and Wu Yue's superior, Lam Ka Tung said that he and Zhang Jin will shoot an underwater explosion scene. Thus they learned to dive. He said that this time he could take advantage and get a diving license. However when he first learned to dive he felt pain in his ears. he had to slowly get used to it and he was a little afraid of running into sharks.

So Lai Shan played Zhang Jin's daughter. Although she would not need to fight she had to look for her father on a speedboat. She said, "Although I don't have to get into the water, I have to wear a swimsuit. Now I am worried that the shoot would be very awkward." She also said that she has not told her boyfriend Neo Yau Hawk Sau but believed that he would understand.

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