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Annie Liu says that Kwong Chor Fai's wife was a month away from getting her Hong Kong residence
Belinda Yan gets skin reaction from her push up bra
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Annie Liu On Lai, Louie Castro (Ga Si Lok),Yvonne Lam Yi Kei, Belinda Yan (Ngan Chi Fei), Monnie Li Mei Kei two nights ago attended a film special screening.

Liu On Lai's organization Will in Action supported this event. She said that her association was not considered large scale and did not have much resources. Often she had to ask friends to help. "The film is about the pain of losing a loved one and climbing out from the bottom. The message is exactly what our association wants to promote, so we definitely would support it."

Her friend Kwong Jor Fai has passed away for awhile. Liu On Lai stayed in touch with his family and learned that they had no problem financially. Now Kwong Jor Fai's eldest daughter was studying overseas, his second and third daughter were working in Hong Kong. Did the current Mrs. Kwong move back to the Mainland? Liu On Lai helplessly said, "Yes, she was a month away from getting her Hong Kong identification card. Because of the Mainland, when the husband passed away the application would cease. Thus Mrs. Kwong had to return to the Mainland after her visa expired. In the future she will come to Hong Kong with ordinary travel visa, but Shenzhen is very close. I definitely would take care of them."

Yan Zi Fei in the film TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG) had a kiss scene with veteran stage actor Ben Yuen Foo Wa. She revealed that it was her first on screen kiss. At first she was not open and natural enough and had five to six bad takes. Her first shoot was this scene. Because it was at night she worried that she would keep everyone from getting off work, so she had a lot of stress. Yan Zi Fei revealed, "I wore two bras and a nude bra and box sealing tape. After the shoot I ripped off the tape and was all red. I had blisters and peeling. They hurt when I was showering. It was an experience with blood and tears. I only found out what I would be wearing after I got to the set, but they really did a good job and made me look busty. I knew about the kiss scene long ago. At first I was very happy and thought that I would have a kiss scene with my idol, but it wasn't. Siu Chai (Richie Jen) joked that it was very unfortunate and hoped that next time we would have a chance to work together. (Would you accept nude performance?) It would depend on the script, if it was added last minute it wouldn't be too good."

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