Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Eddie Peng is very emotional about working with Ann Hui
Ann Hui, Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo
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Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Wallace Huo starred in Ann Hui On Wa's new film THE GREAT ESCAPE (MING YUET GEI SI YAU). Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo played a couple for the first time. In the film they gave up their romance due to war. Wallace Huo played a intellectual youth. He expressed on numerous occasions that Hui On Wa was his idol, finally he got his wish of working with her on a movie. Hui On Wa praised Wallace Huo as a hard working and serious actor. Not only his appearance was outstanding but he also had "talent within". His restraint, light aura was very suitable for the character.

Peng Yu-Yan played a legendary hero "sharpshooter" Liu Heizai. For his character he got a darker tan and seriously studied the stronger inner world of that chaotic era. He was very emotional about being able to work with Hui On Wa and looked forward to being able to stimulate even more of his potential. Hui On Wa pointed out that Peng Yu-Yan was an all purpose actor who was able to play a sunny idol and an evil villain.

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