Tuesday, April 5, 2016


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Artist Gregory Wong Chung Hiu yesterday promoted a film on the radio. "Nemesis" Jacquelin Chong Si Man earlier said that he had character issues. Chung Hiu said, "I am wrong in that I speak too directly, from now on I would try to filter myself before speaking." He immediately clarified that he was not a troublemaker. "Don't say that." He denied that boss Stephen Shiu Jr. gave him a lecture, only that he did not want to have any further dispute. Was he mad that Chong Si Man said his character had issues? He stated again that he would not reply. "As soon as I speak she would respond, then she is in the news again."

Earlier he was rumored to have become a Hong Kong Film Award guest presenter at the last time because Mainland actor Feng Shaofeng was "notified" that sharing a stage with TEN YEARS actor Ng Siu Hin was inadvisable. He said, "I received the invitation on the day of the event. I don't know the reason. As a part of the film industry, I feel I have to support our own. I am already very happy to be able to be on stage. I haven't been on the big station for a very long time!" He did not understand why TEN YEARS' Best Film award would cause a stir, affecting everyone to become fearful of the term TEN YEARS. "Are we going to ban numbers from now on, then students don't have to go to math class!"

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