Monday, April 4, 2016


Gregory Wong, Ng Siu Hin, Babyjohn Choi and Darren Wang
Feng Shaofeng walks the red carpet
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TEN YEARS' Best Film nomination made the Hong Kong Film Awards face a lot of storm two nights ago. Finally TEN YEARS won Best Film. Derek Yee Tung Sing hinted that it was very hard to find guest presenters. Reportedly Yee Tung Sing said that because the award show had to change guest presenters. The event originally invited Mainland actor Feng Shaofeng to present Best Cinematography and Best Editing with Taiwan's Darren Wang, Hong Kong's Ng Siu Hin and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik. However a change had to be made at the last minute. Because Ng Siu Hin was an actor in TEN YEARS, Feng Shaofeng was "notified" that he should not present an award with an actor from the film. Finally Gregory Wong Chung Hiu replaced him. Thus Feng Shaofeng came to Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong Film Award to support his film WOLF TOTEM. Another theory was that actually Mainland and Taiwan artists were not supposed to present an award together. Thus Feng Shaofeng could only be a guest on the red carpet.

Wong Chung Hiu admitted to be a last minute replacement. "I wasn't a scheduled guest. Although when I was notified it was a little rushed, I would support the Hong Kong Film Award anyway. So it was like an alumni association. I was very happy to be invited on stage. As for who was schedule to present the award, I have no idea." Was TEN YEARS too so sensitive that some artists were not able to present an award? He said, "Was the award show politicize? Self censorship or boycotting, now even buying vegetable is political. Seemingly politics has already become Hong Kong people's everyday topic. I feel no matter what, we have to be an award show with a back bone, that Hong Kong people like and recognized and that moves everyone. First we have to do our part well. With dignity we can show some results to everyone."

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