Tuesday, April 26, 2016


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Lam Suet, Gallen Lo (Law Ka Leung), Tiffany Tang Yan, Yao Chen, and Wong Hei starred, the Korean series MY LOVE FROM THE STAR director Jang Tae-Yoo directed new film MBA PARTNERS will open in the Mainland on the 29th and in Hong Kong on May 12th. Wong Hei yesterday promoted on DBC digital radio. He revealed, "MBA has the participation of a Korean team. They are all about the details. I am the least used to them checking finger nails on the first day of work. When they felt they failed they would immediately fixed them. My nails didn't pass and had to be trimmed. The team was all about the details and pursued perfection. Thus the more we shot the less them I spent on skin care, because everyday they took care of it."

Wong Hei revealed that after working with Sing Sing in 2003 they worked together again. Did Sing Sing's girlfriend visit the set? Wong Hei smartly changed the subject. "Sing Sing after 12 years was still very handsome. It would be great if I don't change like him. (Was Sing Sing always on his phone sending text messages?) He was very professional, burying his head in the script. His Putonghua was very well grasped." Reporters joked that Sing Sing's girlfriend came from the Mainland, of course his Putonghua was great. Wong Hei again took a detour. "The team treated us very well, aside from Chinese, we also had Korean cuisine."

In the film Yao Chen, Tang Yan and Hao Lei became "partners" and created an online business. Off screen Yao Chen revealed that she was already pregnant and will give birth to a new companion for her son in November. Tang Yan continued to keep her distance from the media because of their focus on her rumors. On the stage she only happily interacted with fans.

When fans asked about playing business founders, Tang Yan and Hao Lei yesterday shared how they started their business. Tang Yan said, "We have to have a heart that dares to try, eat, drink, play and pleasure are all good directions for starting a business." Called a standing and walking "coat rack", Tang Yan smiled and felt that she was the product being packaged. Then she would work hard for market recognition. Many show business stars and artists started side businesses. Tang Yan said if she truly considered starting a business, she would set her sight on the food industry. Hao Lei grabbed the microphone and joked, "With my figure I can't be in the food business!" Hao Lei revealed that she liked accessories and gave a little plug for her online store.

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