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Tsui Hark celebrates his Best Director award
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Tsui Hark with the film THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN won Best Director. Two nights ago Tsui Hark, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Shi Nansun and Bona film boss Yu Dong attended the celebration. Tsui Hark with the Hong Kong Film Award in hand showed off his earlier Best Director award from the 10th Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, the 30th Golden Rooster Best Director", the 22nd Hong Kong Film Critic Society "Best Director" and other awards.

Tsui Hark won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Director for the three time. He admitted that he was very happy and touched, because the past child stars who presented the award to him were all actors and stars he liked. Thus he was very moved and excited. In addition he did not expect to win. How would he celebrate? Tsui Hak said that he came to share the cheerful atmosphere of the event. Winning the award was a joyous event, he would think about celebrating later. Some said that this year's results were unexpected. Tsui Hark answered, "The results are like this every year. Once an elder director Chang Cheh said, it can be a good thing that every award has a group of people to make decisions. It is definite." Speaking of awards for many new comers this year, would he like to work with new actors? Tsui Hark felt that the births of new actors are also a good thing. New blood was needed both on and off camera, only then would film development have a driving force. Tsui Hark turned from director to actor. His MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) performance was praised. Has he thought about winning an acting award? Tsui Hark said, "No, I never dare to watch anything with my performance in it!"

Speaking of Leung Ka Fai not winning Best Actor, did he comfort him? Tsui Hark said that every year one person would win, which was very cruel. However everyone should be happy for the winner. Those who did not win should work hard. In addition this time all five nominees were good actors. Ka Fai was also very professional and did not need to be comforted. When asked about the controversy of TEN YEARS winning Best Film, Tsui Hark said that he has not yet watched the film. He wanted to watch it before commenting.

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