Friday, April 15, 2016


Cecilia Yip (center) praises Derek Tsang and Yanny Chan
"mother and daughter" Cecilia Yip and Yanny Chan team up to bury Pakho Chau alive
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The Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed short film CEMENT (SHUI NAI) was a part of the film GOOD TAKE! In the film the dark mother Cecilia Yip Tung and Yanny Chan Wing Yan teamed up to bury police officer Pakho Chau in cement. Yip Tung praised Derek's directing quality. "He wouldn't panic in the face of danger. (How was Yanny's performance?) She is happy and willing to ask, she really has the liking of many."

Did Derek ask his father Eric Tsang Chi Wai for directing advice? He said, "He didn't have any advice, afterward he would say a few things. Once he told people not to worry about whether I was his son, but as a producer he would want to work with me. I was very happy about that." Yanny was very happy to be able to work with Yip Tung on a film. She was a great role model. She said that she liked to make supernatural films more and more because the tension put her even more in character.

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