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Is one of Nick Cheung's ideas to work with the LITTLE BIG MASTER's children?
Gregory Wong and Annie Liu win Film God and Goddess
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Annie Liu and Nick Cheung both win Golden Film Awards
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Nick Cheung gives the children high fives
Annie Liu wins Goddess while Nick Cheung wins Best Actor
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Shiga Lin (Lam Si Nga) yesterday attended a shopping center's viewers choice Golden Film Awards. Cheung Ka Fai and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa with KEEPER OF DARKNESS (TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN) and LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) won Favorite Hong Kong actor and actress. Because Chin Wa was absent, her five little co-stars from LITTLE BIG MASTER accepted the award on her behalf.

The 2015 My Favorite Film Goddess went to S FOR SEX S FOR SECRET (SIU JEH YAU SUM)'s Lau Sum Yau. The New Actor award winner Lin Si Nga performed.

Ka Fai after accepting the award said, "Maybe everyone feels that my character Wong Wing Fat is happy to help others, mild in his handling of matter and makes people feel comfortable so I won! The Mainland seems to be able to download KEEPER. I heard the response has been great, which makes me itching to make a sequel."

Ka Fai said that since he got into the business, he constantly had many ideas that usually did not come to fruition. However he had many story ideas in his head, with scripts and investors he would make them. Earlier Ka Fai at the Hong Kong Film Award got up when Raman Hui Sing Ngai thanked editor Cheung Ka Fai. Ka Fai explained that he was only trying to lighten up the mood. He also knew Cheung Ka Fai. Once he got a producer's call. He said that he had to pay him the rest of his salary but when Ka Fai did not understand he hung up. Ka Fai joked, "I should've just directly given him the bank account number."

Sum Yau said that she has never thought about directing. Instead she wanted to edit. "Because I can edit the film into a different story, I can control the ending to be a tragedy or a comedy. Now I am learning to edit." Ka Fai joked, "Editing has a Cheung Ka Fai too, he won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Editing!"

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