Monday, April 25, 2016


Benji Chiang and his father Paul Chun
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The Benji Chiang Man Kit and his father Paul Chun Pui starred Mainland road movie MY TEN MILLION opened last Friday. Benji's film theme song TOGETHER released its music video last Thursday. In less than 24 hours QQ (Tencent)'s hit rate reached an incredible 280 million. Benji who was promoting in Kunming at the time was truly surprised. After gathering his wits he broke down and cried.

This film was shot on location in Yunnan last year. Benji was in his first lead role. Actually over the years he insisted on relying on himself. He did not want to receive job opportunities due to his father. As for why he made an exception this time and worked with his father, Benji said, "Earlier my manager suggested for me to ask my Old Man to work together. I resisted until Mommy called me from Canada. She said that Pa has been in the business for over 60 years. He is 70 and who knows if we will have a chance to work together. Pa doesn't know when he will retire, I thought about it and agreed. Since I was little, Pa commuted between Hong Kong and Canada for work. I grew up in Canada and saw very little of Pa. In addition after over a decade in the business I never really worked with him, so I feel this was an opportunity to make up for some father son time."

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