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Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong worked together on TVB's WE'RE HIRED
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah would work with Fala Chen on a play. At the same time Tze Wah and Stephen Shiu Jr. will work together on a Hong Kong comedy DUNG DUK DUT GUNG (STAND UP SPECIAL AGENT) with his YOU'RE HIRED co-star Charmaine Sheh Si Man. In the film Tze Wah will play a British special agent who was abandoned in Hong Kong after 97, a portrait of Hong Kong people after the 97 Hand Over.

After finishing his play with Fala in July will rest for two months then work on his new film in September. This time he will write and star with a new director, Johnnie To Kei Fung's assistant director Tse Chun. Tze Wah had success on the stage but was known as "box office poison" in film. His directed and starred FIGHTING TO SURVIVE only made HK$ 110,000.

Stephen Shiu Jr. however had other ideas. "I am confident. He hasn't been on television for over a decade, the audience wouldn't mind paying. The kids who grew up watching Tze Wah are grown, they are a new consumer group." He revealed that he really wanted to make a Hong Kong comedy. Only a few domestic comedy actors remained. Ah Sheh demanded to work with Tze Wah by name because earlier when they worked together on HIRED they had great chemistry.

In DUNG Tze Wah originally was a top British special agent, but after the 97 Hand Over he "lost his identity" and became an orphan in Hong Kong. He could only rely on himself and open a private investigation agency. One day a mob boss' wife Sheh Si Man was released from prison and went to Tze Wah for revenge. They later teamed up to investigate the "real emotion drug", which made people show their beastly side. They even discovered the giant conspiracy behind the drug production. The story sounded like the animated film ZOOTOPIA, which Tze Wah provided his voice to.

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