Monday, April 4, 2016


Jack Lee hopes to confirm the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS production by the end of the year

When Jack Lee earlier produced the film WHEN GEEK MEETS SERIAL KILLER he said that he had plans to invest HK$ 150 million on th film based on the comic book YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI); finally the Mainland film bureau granted its approval and now the preparation for the production has begun. He even revealed that he intended for Dior Cheng Yi Kin to reprise the role of Chan Ho Nam after 16 years.

Jack Lee said aside from Ekin, in principle he would like to invite the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS original team to participate. The problem would be their schedules. "Actually this time I will work with Media Asia Films, so its artist Ekin shouldn't be a problem. Th question is whether he has room on his schedule. Because he has many movies to make in the Mainland, if he can accommodate the script will arrange for him to assist the second generation's rise. The second generation includes Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists but for now they cannot be revealed until official contract signing. Actually nothing has been set, I hope that the production will start at the end of the year."

He said that aside from YOUNG AND DANGEROUS, he is planning for some online film. Was the film adaptation of the Hong Kong comic book WHEN GEEK MEETS SERIAL KILLER a success? He admitted, "Last time before the shoot we expected to lose money because this was a very alternative work. Finally it was so successful that it won several awards and caught of many Mainland people. Without this film's subject, we would not successfully have so many Mainland people pay attention to Hong Kong comic book."

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