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Derek Tsang says that J.Arie may look mild mannered, but playing a meal girl she is very scary
J.Arie says that she is the furthest thing from sexy
Stanley Fung hopes to perform challenging characters
Lam Suet
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Actors Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and J.Arie (Lui Sum Yu) earlier promoted their film ROBBERY (LO LUP). Speaking of the film's share of passion scenes, Derek who had no part of them jokingly told co-star Eric Kwok Wai Leung to keep making bad takes so he was able to get an eye full. Derek said that he did not have to warn his girlfriend Venus Wong Man Yik. He said, "Because the sex scenes were left to (Anita) Chui Bik Ka and Kwok Wai Leung, I told Kwok Wai Leung to have more bad takes so I could watch a few more scenes! (Did you warn your girlfriend?) I don't need to, I had to warn her even if I was just watching?" J.Arie joked, "Chui Bik Ka had a corset and stocking scene that required the set to be cleared, but for some reasons no matter how cleared the set was so many people were still around. The set was filled!"

Speaking of the film's sensitive subject, they were askd if they were worried about any image problem. Derek joked that he had no image to speak of. "I have never had any image, for young actors the more sensitive (the role) is the more they want to do it. (What character would you challenge the next time?) A nice guy, which would be challenging!"

J.Arie would like to play a crazy woman and said that she was the furthest thing from sexy. Derek revealed that J.Arie became "mean girl" possessed as soon as the cameras rolled and he was stunned. "Don't be fooled by her normally mild mannered demeanor and her talented singing, she has quite a fire inside her. When I saw her I was scared, I didn't dare to cross her!"

Veteran actor Stanley Fung Shui Fan has been in the business for over half a century and performed in countless films. ROBBERY was his first category III film. Fung Shui Fan said, "At first when I heard that I was asked to make a category III film, I thought that was a problem. Later after reading the script, actually it was not sex. It used some suspenseful way to tell some messages. The story was rather meaningful, I haven't played this type of deranged killer character in a long time."

Fung Shui Fan's serious look often made people laugh instead, yet this comedy star did not like his own absurd comedies. "I really don't like that type of acting because it had no sense of achievement. I am a film fan, I don't like to watch absurd movies, I don't even like THE ROMANCING STARS (JING JONG JUI NUI JAI). I don't have any impression of it, but after making it everyone liked it. My type has been cast." He hoped that he would be able to run into a challenging character in his lifetime. He also planned to write scripts and tell a story about life in a new way. Speaking of Hong Kong actors he appreciated in recent years, he said Philip Keung Ho Man.

Actors Lam Suet, Tsang Kwok Cheung and Lui Sum Yu worked together on the film ROBBERY, in which Lam Suet was stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors. Actually before work he had to be in a cast for special effect make up. He joked that before the shoot his neck was already injured, so he had to ask the director for medical expenses. He joked, "I definitely will have to claim medical expenses with him. I sat there all day for six hours of cast making. My neck was all stiff!" Lui Sum Yu in the film was disfigured by a bullet.

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