Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Chrissie Chau has four or five assistants at her beck and call like a queen
Some jobs are better left for Chrissie Chau herself
Helping Joyce Cheng up is not easy
Joyce Cheng has four to five assistants while Babyjohn Choi only needs one
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik yesterday worked on location for their new film 29+1 in Sha Tin. Chrissie and Yun Yi had four to five assistants to help them at work. Babyjohn however only had one assistant, which he did not mind at all. Instead he felt that with assistants on the set his production mood might be affected. "Girls are different, they have to be detailed with their make up and hair. They are also afraid of wardrobe malfunction, so having more assistants is normal!"

Chrissie worked barefoot in an emotional scene. After the shot assistants immediately delivered slippers and jacket to her, but she was no "HK woman" as after the shoot she personally cleaned her feet with wet napkins. Earlier hinting that she wanted to date, she joked that due to work she had no suitor yet. "I always want to date! Seeing many friends getting married and having children, I want to have someone to be with!"

Yun Yi and Babyjohn rode a bicycle, danced and blew bubbles. Yun Yi kept shaking left and right during her dance and often ended up drenched in sweat. Her assistants frequently handed her towels. Yun Yi revealed that she only had one scene with Chrissie and said that her character was drastically different from her usual image.

Babyjohn in the film was Yun Yi's childhood friend. Their most intimate scene was just bicycle riding and loving stares. In one scene Yun Yi fell, he immediately helped her up. The result however was more comedic than romantic!

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