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Tang Wei's due date will be in August or September
Mainland television Best Actor Wu Xiubo is happy to work with Tang Wei again after 3 years
Wu Xiubo jokes that Tang Wei likes to talk even more after her pregnancy
In BOOK OF LOVE Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo fall in love over a book
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Three years ago new female director Xue Xiaolu with Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo crated a box office and word of mouth hit FINDING MR. RIGHT. Now the original team reunited for BOOK OF LOVE. This time the story was drastically different from the last, as a love letter spread a relationship to Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chongqing, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London. The film only passed by Seattle. Tang Wei pointed out that this time she and Wu Xiubo basically did not have any scene together. The most intimate scene was just a hug. Wu Xiubo joked that this was a romance of abstinence.

Already Tang Wei is already over five months pregnant, she has not stopped working since she learned about her pregnancy as she continued to promote. In addition she was energetic and agile, not as clumsy as the average pregnant ladies. Speaking of the production, Wu Xiubo said a female screen writer and director from a female perspective and angle told the difference of a home in this story. Last time he played a divorced doctor, this time he worked as a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Tang Wei was no longer a pregnant woman but a casino public relations worker. A love letter connected their two different worlds together.

Tang Wei said that in the seven month long production she and Wu Xiubo basically had no scene together. They almost did not see each other at all. Because in the film they began to write over a book, they had to keep the communication from the beginning to the end and truly felt very wonderful. Tang Wei said that she still maintained the letter writing habit despite the modern advanced communication age. Now she still would rely to fan letters. She said, "I really thank them for trusting me, talking to me from the bottom of their hearts and opening my eyes. I would share with them as well, I would rely to them about my own experience and feeling!" Tang Wei also admitted that she has written love letters because she liked to write. Wu Xiubo joked, "I have never even written a letter!"

Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei worked together on the final London encounter scene. They appeared in each other's imagination and thus went to shoot at many locations. They did not share the stage. Would they have any intimate scene in the film? Wu Xiubo joked, "We made some, but I don't know if they were useful or not because in the past the director cut some physical contact. We always held hands, an embrace was already very serious. Ours was a romance of abstinence."

Tang Wei revealed that after making THE GOLDEN ERA she was beyond exhausted and she kept working, she still held out to work on BOOK. When she worked on location in Macau, in order to accommodate the casino's hours of operation everyone went "crazy". She was so exhausted that she fell twice in Macau and London. She injured her right leg and had to be wheel chair bound. She chuckled, "I have sprained my leg nine times, each time I returned to work before I recovered. I really haven't taken a day off in ten years, this was like warning to my body to properly rest. However I couldn't stop. I decided that after making this film I would have a child so I would truly be able to stop!"

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