Sunday, January 12, 2020


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Eva Lai Yin Shan earlier was invited to the 59 Asia Pacific Film Festival and the 2019 Silk Road International Super Model competition as the guest presenter. She was reminded of 33 years ago whe nshe won Miss Asia, and when she and Joey Wang Cho Yi went to Korea for the Asia Pacific Film Festival with Sir Run Run Shaw and Mona Fong. Thus returning to the Asia Pacific Film Festival red carpet she had a sense of familiarity.

"I started in the entertainment business from the Shaw's training class and the first Miss Asia pageant, so Shaw's and ATV are both my benefactors and homes. Back then I was able to compete because Sister Fong (Fong Yat Wa) looked the other way. Thus after winning Shaw's arranged for me to attend the Asia Pacific Film Festival. Of course I felt very honored. At the time Wong Cho Yin and I were still two kids, going to Korea for the film festival really was eye opening." This time when she was invited to attend the Asia Pacific Film Festival she agreed right away because this was a beautiful memory. "This time the red carpet felt very different, I have had more life experience. To be able to continue to make dramas and acting I am very happy. As for film last year I only made one. I hope in the future to be able to have more chances to make movies. I am very open acting wise, as long as it has potential I can give it a try."

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