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Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 (GA YAU HEI SI 2020) played a couple. Sister Na praised Chilam's comedic senses for his first comedy. Chilam humbly said, "I had good co-stars. They were all comedy experts so I was able to be like a fish in water. However I still have a lot to learn." Working together for the first time, Chilam revealed that Sister Na honestly asked him to introduce hot property men as she no longer wanted to be leftover in the Year of the Rat.

Chilam said that Sister Na "looked sharper than she was". When he practiced magic to pass the time on the set, Sister Na was actually amazed and kept asking "how?" Chilam said, "I really am worried about how naive and easy to fool she is. I am afraid that she won't be able to find another half." He also revealed that actresses he has worked with usually would ask him to introduce guys to them. Sister Na was no exception.

Sister Na admitted that soon after meeting Chilam she already boldly asked him to introduce guys to her. Chilam said, "I have golden properties on my hand, but too many women are left. I regret that I haven't had any good introduction to make for Sister Na, but I still wish that Sister Na would be able to find Mr. Right in the Year of the Rat."

In the film they did not have any intimate scene but they did share a revealing scene. Chilam even stared at the topless Sister Na; Chilam admitted, "It was pretty awkward." He instead asked Sister Na what would she do usually when guys stared at her important areas? Sister Na replied, "I would stare at him, but it has never happened yet."

Chilam did not believe that no one would stare at a sex symbol like Sister Na. She said, "I am very low key when I go out, I would wear a turtleneck."

For the Lunar New Year Chilam's entire family would go skiing in Hokkaido. He revealed that in past New Year they mostly gambled. "We would play mahjong, fish-prawn-crab all night, we had to have as much as we could. We had done it like a marathon from the Lunar New Year's Day to the 7th. We didn't sleep or rest for 7 days straight. Once a friend couldn't take it by the 7th, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with trigeminal nerve infection."

Chilam said that he could play hard work hard. "Right now I am still 17 inside. (You can have more fun during the New Year?) For me all four seasons in a year is New Year, as the saying goes even October can be time for New Year visits." Sister Na was very envious of Chilam. She too would play mahjong and fish-prawn-crab during the New Year, but not as crazy as Chilam.

Has Chilam won or lost more? He did not dare to say that he won more, but he had luck with gambling. "Once I played fish-prawn-crab with Len Len (Anita Yuen Wing Yi)'s family. Her teenager cousin had never lost. In the last round, he told everyone to put it on prawn. We cheated while he wasn't paying attention. When the dies were unveiled he saw there was no prawn and collapsed. Since then he has been studying hard. Now he is in actuary." Sister Na joked that a game of fish-prawn-crab changed someone's life!

Chilam was very pleased with his performance last year and felt that he achieved more than expected, making 3 movies, a web drama, modeling for many brands and went to many places that he has never been to with his family. He also had time to spend with Mommy. As for the Year of the Rat, aside from movies he would perform concerts in April; after many action films last year, Sister Na this year wanted to make more dramatic or romantic films.

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