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Miss Chinese International pageant has been postponed
Miriam Yeung's Singapore concert has been postponed
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Andy Lau is forced to cancel his Hong Kong concerts
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To prevent the new Wuhan corona virus outbreak, many public events have been halted temporarily. After Andy Lau Tak Wa announcing the cancellation of his February concert on his personal site, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa two days ago announced her originally scheduled February 8th Singapore concert would be postponed. The Sunbeam Theater also announced that the theater will be closed until further notice. Famous costume film location the Hengdian film and television studio has closed for production and led to many films and series being halted indefinitely.

In order to effectively control the outbreak, the Hengdian film and television culture industry experimental area management committee announced the closing of its production locations (production base, location production base and studio sets) and notified the production teams to temporarily halt their activities until further notice. Before this, the Hengdian film and television studio has already announced that it would be closed to the public. According to the studio, at least 13 films and television series were in production during the Lunar New Year in Hengdian. The Wong Jing directed, Raymond Lam Fung and Janice Man Wing Shan starred new version of KUNG FU CULT MASTER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI) was forced to halt production; the Law Chi Leung directed, Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred GIK DEI SAU GAU needed to postponed its production until November. The estimate losses would be in tens of millions. Aside from the Hengdian film and television studio, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and other locations' production teams have already halted production. Due to the outbreak, the decline of film and television series productions was already beyond any doubt and would directly affect future film and television series broadcast and release. Actually whether to halt production truly was a difficult question for the production team. First the rent cost would not be low, from the set to the studio the daily rent would be from several tens to hundreds of thousands. In addition personnel cost would also need to be considered. In general the cast and the crew would be signed for a scheduled period, just one day of overtime would cost a lot. For some small to medium sized productions, a production halt and an indefinite wait would deeply affect a project and might even bring down a small film and television production company. Yeung Chin Wa's Singapore concert that was originally scheduled for February 8th has been postponed. Two days ago the organizer issued a statement. "The concert stage mechanical equipment must be transported from China to Singapore and required specific personnel to conduct stage construction. Due to travel restrictions in many Chinese cities and various uncertain elements the personnel would not be able to arrive in time in Singapore for the stage construction. After discussions with numerous parties the concert has been postponed."

Lau Tak Wa earlier on his personal site announced his 12 show Hong Kong concerts that originally was scheduled to start on the 15th. "Dear friends and family, I want and long to share the long anticipated My Love concerts with you and I work hard in hopes of fulfill the promise to everyone. Yet due to the outbreak development, putting the health of the audience first, I have decided to cancel the Hong Kong concerts. I am sorry! I wish everyone good health and unity to get past the difficulty together!" This was already the second time Wa Jai's concerts have been halted.

Sunbeam Theater two nights ago announced its closing until further notice. "Due to the recent Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, this theater, in coordination with the 'Important new infectious disease prevention and response plan for Public Health' and in consideration for the health of the general public, would be closed until further notice. As for the Super 3 cinemas in the second floor they will remain in operation as usual. If the situation changes in the future further notice will be made. We wish everyone health and happiness!"

The Ming Chee Sing Chinese Opera also announced the cancellation of its 18 show Lunar New Year Cantonese opera performance. "Due to the severity of the recent Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, in coordination with the 'Important new infectious disease prevention and response plan for Public Health', the closing notice of the Sunbeam Theater and ensuing the health of the general public, the Ming Chee Sing opera troupe's 18 show Lunar New Year Cantonese opera performance from January 30th to February 18th will all be cancelled. Refund details will be announced later. Viewers who have already purchased tickets should hold on to them as receipts and pay attention to the later arrangements and processes for ticket refund."

Originally scheduled to take place on February 15th, the 2020 Miss Chinese International pageant has been postponed due to how rapid and severe the new corona virus outbreak has developed. TVB has already notified all the candidates and the sponsors.

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