Wednesday, January 15, 2020


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After 29 years in film Irene Wan Bik Ha starred in the film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA), which already caught attention before its release. It was selected for many international film festivals, and the response has given her a shot of confidence! Although she once admitted that "others' recognition for my acting on a certain level is even more important than winning an award", one of her goals was still the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Was she confidence that THE FALLEN would fulfill her dream? She said, "I certainly confidence. After so many years in the business, how could I not have confidence in my acting? However I feel awards should be left up to fate, Heaven naturally has its arrangement."

Because she fell in love with the script at first sight, Irene not only helped the team with financing the production but also put all her thought on getting into the character. Because the character needed to be lost mentally, she drank to get into the role. In one scene because she drank too much she almost fell off the stairs. "In the scene I had to take the stairs, I was dizzy after drinking and slipped. I fell forward from five steps up, luckily Ai Dik was in front of me and caught me. He really saved my life, but I still had a lot of bruises."

Looking back, Irene said when she made romance before marriage she got into character and fell for her co-star. Once she almost "got caught in the mud". Luckily she has never wanted to date anyone in the business and at the time she already had a boyfriend. In the end she was able to the leave the character.

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