Tuesday, January 14, 2020


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The film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI) two nights ago held an after screening forum. The film's female leads DaDa Chan Jing and Candy Yu On On attended. In the film DaDa as the daughter in law had to experience childbirth, but because she never had any motherhood experience she relied on "mother in law" Yu On On for advice. On On raised two daughters. She said that the shoot reminded her of the problems she had when she was pregnant. During pregnancy she truly would have random thoughts and nightmares, once she dreamed that the baby was born without a foot.

DaDa also said that although she was not truly pregnant, it was like a rehearsal. The film did not scare her from having children in the future. She said, "I like children, mentally I am ready to be Mommy. I used to think that I would have children after age 26, now I am 30. however after the movie I have more ideas. I feel that after giving birth you have to put the child first and it is the duty of a woman. However having a baby depends on fate, I would also wait for the relationship to be more stable before planning to." Did she have an understanding with her boyfriend? She said that she has studied this problem with him and believed that he too would have mentally prepared.

On On admitted that she shared her Mommy experience with her daughter because her daughter was also ready to be Mommy. However she was neither in a hurry nor long to be a grandmother. She said, "Having a baby to play of course I would be happy about, but I raised two girls by myself. Asking me as Grandmother to raise one wouldn't be good!"

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