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Larine Tang has to put a lot of effort into losing the weight back
Larine Tang has to gain weight for her role but is misunderstood as giving up on herself
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Larine Tang Yueping earlier for a new film rose from 101 to 143 pounds in two months of extremely rapid weight gain, including eating like mad as six to seven meals a day were required; ice cream and other late night snacks before bed; the breakfast was even richer as she woke up to spicy hot pot; any left over food would become fried rice for lunch.

After a month, Larine already felt obviously fatter. "My shape is different from before, I started to have a lot of inconvenience moments. Clothing really doesn't fit as I had to get new ones. I remembered the shoot took place in the summer. We went to a pretty hot place for location, but I had to keep eating so my weight wouldn't drop too fast. My body would slim down after a day of shoot. Because my character is a fat girl with some intelligence quotient problem, I couldn't be thin. With the hot and humid weather I couldn't eat, but I had to finish all the rice boxes. I tried to eat as much as I could all day, which actually was pretty rough."<

In the film, Larine was a girl who was swindling everywhere. The director asked her to gain weight, wear glasses and hold a cane for her character and used her fat school girl look on the poster. All of those for the only 22 year old Larine was indeed an extreme challenge, as the hardship gaining and losing weight were beyond description. Larine said, "In the whole weight gaining process, my Mommy saw how fat I was and cried, usually Mommy would tell their children to eat more. Yet after the shoot Mommy kept me from eating and told me not to keep eating anymore, I really was very fat. At first I thought I was young so I wasn't scared, but later I started to have hormonal imbalance. In the end I spent a lot of time to recuperate." Although the sacrifice was great, Larine still liked this character very much because she felt she finally had a completely transformed Tang Yueping to show everyone.

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