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Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Gladys Lee Ching Kwan in the past year made great strides in their careers as they were both promoted to make the Emperor Lunar New Year film YOU ARE THE ONE (NGOR DIK SHUN POON NAM YAU). Ka Lok last year released three movies and one series, while Gladys stepped onto the music scene and won rookie awards. However neither were satisfied as they looked forward to continuing improvement in the Year of the Rat!

Ka Lok two years ago with his character "Grandpa" in the series DADDY COOL successfully became a household name. He hoped to play memorable characters again this year. "When people call me by the character name on the streets, I am happier than being called my real name!" Would he attempt to try singing? He said that he has already tried for YOU but realized that actually it was not easy. "I thought my singing was OK, but recording required singing every verse. For one verse I recorded 100 times, that was such a setback! (Have you been scared off from singing again?) No! I became addicted. After that I feel that I have grasps of its secretes. (Would you become a singer?) Not necessarily, I can sing some theme songs."

Romantically, Ka Lok has already been single for over a year. Would he be in any hurry to date again? He said, "Let fate decide! I haven't been deliberately looking. (Aren't you dry?) I don't need to be nourished for a long time. I rather enjoyed eating and binging shows alone, my family hasn't rushed me either."

Playing a couple for the first time, Ka Lok and Gladys clicked right away. However they joked that their romantic spark was only limited to the movie. Ka Lok said, "After (Michelle) Wai Sze Nga she has become another friend that I kind of trust! I feel that she is very direct. Instead I would hide a lot of stuff." Gladys said that Ka Lok like his character was cold on the outside and hot inside. "He normally likes to be a bully like Gian, but inside he has a fragile side!"

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