Wednesday, January 29, 2020


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Irene Wan Bik Ha with her film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) won Ireland's 8th Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actress. Currently on vacation in Bali, Irene was rather excited. Irene and THE FALLEN team planned to follow up with a new film, a suspense and romance that would take place in Japan.

Irene said that she was already very happy that the film was selected for many film festivals, which meant that everyone liked this film. They gave her a lot of encouragement. As for the Best Actress award, Irene excitedly said, "I am on vacation with my family in Bali, I am super happy to hear this news! However I regret somewhat that I was unable to attend this film festival and personally attend this award."

Irene wanted to thank the Emperor team that has always loved her, including boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing, Shirley, Mani Fok Man Hei and her manager. Only with them was she able to receive this award. She was also happy for the entire team and wanted to thank the director and the producer. Irene said that she wanted to thank her husband the most. "Because he has always been very supportive of me and my show business career, he was the one who told me 'you can do it!', I was able to persist and be myself. I have to thank him for always being by my side and support me!"

As for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress, Irene said that she was confident but would leave everything to fate. "Winning the Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actress is already great, great support and encouragement for me. As for the Hong Kong Film Award, now I would leave it up to fate and leave everything to Heaven. I don't need to mind too much whether I win or not, that way I would be happier. When you leave the award up to fate, when you win you would be doubly happy."

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