Tuesday, November 3, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

Stars of the film TREASURE HUNTER (CHING LING), Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and Lin Chiling posed for the cover of men's uno magazine. They talked about the collaboration and the production. Chow Kit Lun in the film played an adventurer, but he pointed out that personally he had no adventurous personality. His music style for example was once accused of lacking new elements, but Chairman Chou felt that if it was proven to be successful he did not need to change or adjust.

Chairman Chou also pointed out that his duet with Fei Yu Ching was also a new attempt and an adventure. He pointed out that in film, television and music he still had a lot of unfulfilled ideas. He also wanted to sing Taiwanese songs, then he could apply for the Taiwanese performer at the Golden Melody awards. He also wanted to work with a band but now he did not have the time.

Lin Chiling pointed out during her first film RED CLIFF she was fully prepared. She even strictly managed her emotions and became less than talkative. Now looking back due to her lack of self confidence her performance became unstable. With her second film TREASURE HUNTER she finally was able to loosen up and dropped all uncertainties. She pointed out that director Chu Yen-Ping and Chow Kit Lun were both very creative. Before the shoot she interacted with him in rehearsal and sometimes came up with even more interesting expression methods. This film had many desert scenes. Although Lin Chiling had to shoot in the hot sun and sand storms, she rather enjoyed the shoot. She expressed that since she already knew it was tough, she happily accepted it. If not for the shoot she might never be in the desert. This time she had the chance to live in the desert for two months. She said that if life was a straight line she would have regrets instead.

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