Sunday, November 15, 2009


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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Liu Kai Chi earlier accepted a cable program interview and spoke about their respectively wives rising to fame before they did. Ka Fai honestly said that his wife (Esther Kwan Wing Ho) put in a lot of hard work for her achievement today. Uncle Chi said that his wife (Chan Man Yi) after leaving show business became cool headed. Sometimes when he was confused and lost, his wife would say a few words and he would understand. As for rumors, Ka Fai said that he has always been resistant. If someone of the opposite sex was fond of him, he still would not accept that. Uncle Chi joked that with his look he could not possibly run into rumors. In addition, both were honored at this year's Hong Kong Film Award with Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards. They joked that their current salaries still were unreasonable, but they were something that "they and others can live with".

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