Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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Tse Ting Ting finally confirmed her contract signing with Wong Jing and officially entered show business with the support of her parents Patrick Tse Yin and Deborah Li (Dik Bor Lai) as well as many friends. Although Wong Jing already expressed that she did not need to make any sexy appearance, Ting Ting yesterday still appeared in a low cut dress. Once Ting Ting was rumored to follow her brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's foot steps and sign with Emperor, yesterday she finally announced that she joined Wong Jing's Mega-Vision. Wong Jing even expressed that he will arranged for her to take the cool girl routine but had no plan to pair her with boyfriend Andy On Chi Kit. He said, "Because the audience doesn't like to watch flirting. (How many years did she sign for?) I am not saying, it definitely isn't for ten years." He pointed out that their collaboration was a friendly one. He also discussed it with her parents and would respect Ting Ting's personal wishes.

Ting Ting at the ceremony received flowers from Yun Yi. She pointed out that she was destined to be in the business, but she realized that many who loved her did not agree with her decision. She said, "Every job would be tough. Perhaps because I am a little rebellious, the more others objected the more I wanted to try." Would she mind being sexy? She said, "Sexy is a type of beauty, but every woman has a bottom line. I have to see the script and the result, I definitely won't be naked. (No full nudity?) No! I can get a double for that." She honestly said that she signed for three years but for now she would not consider singing. She also asked her brother and sister in law Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi for their opinions. She said that Pak Chi due to her pregnancy could not attend, but she said, "We earlier already 'touched the thigh' and discussed getting into the business. (Did Pak Chi advise you on what not to do?) She did, she talked about everything." She also sweetly said that although Andy did not attend, he already sent a text message to encourage her.

Sei Gor pointed out that Emperor has many girls so Ting Ting did not join. He even said that he did not need to teach Ting Ting how to act. He also said that Ting Ting was destined to be in the business. She would decide what kind of movie she would make and he could not control that. Was he satisfied with Ting Ting's boyfriend Andy? He said, "I am not answering. This is her affair. We are friends, not father and daughter." He also pointed out that Pak Chi was only three months pregnant. As for Pak Chi's miscarriage rumors, he said, "How would I know. I don't trust magazines. Let me ask her for you." Lai Goo expressed that signing with Wong Jing was based on mutual trust. She also mentioned, "You naturally want to ask whether she is a Jing girl. Jing Girl doesn't need Ting Ting. Jing Girl has many types." She even said that her heart ached because Ting Ting wanted to be in the business, but she felt that she was mature and did not feel that she was under her boyfriend's influence. She even said that after Ting Ting decided to join the business she only said that she would be fine as long as she made more soup for her. "The Tses have a tendon, they don't mess around. They persist. Ting Fung toughed out over ten years and didn't rely on his parents."

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