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BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) is about ten heroes who protected Dr. Sun Yat-sen on his one day visit of Hong Kong. Yesterday, December 12, happened to be Dr. Sun's birthday. The cast including Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Fan Bingbing, Bateer, Wong Bo-chieh,
director Teddy Chan Tak Sum, and producer Peter Chan Ho Sun visited Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum to pay their respect. They were all dressed in black when they paid Dr. Sun the highest salute in a serious manner. Although everyday drizzle fell on the site, several thousand people looked on. Chi Tan even caught a falling reporter with his agility.

This was the first open film event at the site. To ensure the event's smoothness, the site welcomed the team as national guests. When the actors left their vehicles, thousands screamed their names and surrounded them. Even with security they could not move an inch; the only actress present, Fan Bingbing lost her security to the endless tourist surge. As the situation was about to lose control, basketball giant Bateer arrived in time. Half a person taller than the average height, as soon as Bateer stood next to Bingbing the rushing tourists stopped. With this strongest security in history, the originally frightened Bingbing regained her superstar composure and waved to the tourists. She also chatted and laughed with Bateer.

Absent from the morning events due to his flight delay, Leon Lai Ming arrived in time for the premiere. Speaking of this film, Lai Ming said that this was the founding film of Chan Ho Sun's company so he had the responsibility to take part. "When he called me about making a movie that everyone love, I came." From the earlier COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY (TIM MUK MUK) to BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS, Lai Ming's biggest change was the fight scene and fan use. Lai Ming revealed that actually he had a kung fu background. "Actually I can dance, but for some reason every time I am on stage I don't want to. I feel I have a kung fu
background. When I was on television I didn't have a double so I could only fight myself. I gained a lot of experience from working with many stunt coordinators so fight scenes weren't tough for me."

Chi Tan joked that during the film's 60 minute fight scene I fought perhaps in 59 minutes. He even joked, "They approached me because they wanted to me to fight to death!" Aside from the fight scene, this time he also had a special designed crying scene. He even made the producer and the director cried next to the monitor. Because he had to return to Shanghai for a movie, he left halfway through the event and the premiere relied on Lai Ming.

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