Sunday, November 15, 2009


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The Media Asia and Enlight Pictures invested action film THE LEGEND OF CHEN ZHEN yesterday held its global production start press conference in Shanghai. Producer Gordon Chan Ka Seung, director Andrew Lau Wai Keung and actors Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Shu Qi, Huang Bo, Zhou Yang, and Huo Siyan attended. Boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok and executive John Chong Ching were also present. Chong Ching revealed that the film investment was 100 million yuan. This time's cast and crew were also a hundred million yuan team. As from two hundred million directors Chan Ka Seung and Lau Wai Keung, Shu Qi's IF YOU ARE THE ONE and LOOK FOR A STAR (YAU LUNG HEI FUNG) also had 500 million yuan box office; Yen Chi Tan's PAINTED SKIN and IP MAN reached 400 million box office; Mainland actor Huang Bo's CRAZY RACER rapidly joined the hundred million yuan club. The film's producer, Enlight Pictures chief Zhang Chao pointed out that this film gathered two hundred million yuan directors and three hundred million yuan actors to aim for 300 million box office.

Yen Chi tan in the film would play the super hero who saved the pride of the nation in crisis. Shu Qi in the film would play a breakthrough character with a "special" love with Yen Chi Tan. Shu Qi and another actress Zhou Yang would fight for Yen Chi Tan. Anthony Wong Chau Sun in the film would play a "boss" with unprecedented evil.

However, director Lau Wai Keung insisted against revealing the story and only said that Chen Zhen in the film will be a "super hero" who not only had some extreme abilities but also transformed. He would alone carry the duty of saving a city. Producer Chan Ka Seung 15 years ago directed FIST OF LEGEND (JING MO YING HUNG). This time would not only be a salute to but also exceed Bruce Lee's CHINESE CONNECTION (JING MO MOON). Chan Ka Seung pointed out that this time was not a remake and repeat performance. Chen Zhen originally was a fictional character, this time they would create it anew. Near the end of the event, the entire team sounded a big drum that signified a smooth production start to announce the film production has officially started.

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