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Young actors of LET THE BULLETS FLY: Chen Kun, Yao Lu, Liao Fan, Zhang Mi

Albert Yeung Sau Sing unveiled the saddle

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The Jiang Wen directed, Chow Yun Fat, Ge You, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Jiang Wen, Chen Kun starred Western legend LET THE BULLETS FLY today held its first press conference in Beijing. Jiang Wen, Chow Yun Fat, and Ge You united to join Chen Kun, Yao Lu and other key actors in a group appearance. Director Jiang Wen arranged for an all male actor for the first event. All the actresses will wait for the next promotion.

At the event, Jiang Wen, Chow Yun Fat and Ge You sat in a row across the stage as their strong aura had the entire venue under its spell. In response to the host's difficult questions, the three Best Actors obviously had chemistry. Speaking of this "dream team", Chow Yun Fat said that this was a film that made him very excited and happy. Ge You expressed with his usual humor that the team was very fresh and very interesting. Director and actor Jiang wen honestly said, "LET THE BULLETS FLY's Golden Palm prize chase relies on Cannes Best Actress Master Ge, the Oscar is up to Fat Gor, the other brothers are responsible for the Mainland box office. As for me, I am responsible for bringing them together and make a movie that everyone can understand!" When asked who among the three Best Actors has the strongest aura, Chow Yun Fat joked, "Of course Director Jiang Wen's aura is the strongest. When I perform well, he immediately yells cut. When he performs poorly, he says let's do it!"

Working with Jiang Wen and Ge You for the first time, Fat Gor expressed that everyday at work was very pleasant and claimed that they were not easy targets. As for the shoot, Fat Gor joked, "Everyday I feel how amazing my co-stars are. On the first day, when I saw how great Ge You's acting was I felt dizzy. On the second day I saw Chen Kun, who really shouldn't be underestimated. His acting was truly amazing and made my heart beat. After a few more days, I saw Jiang Wen and his brother Jiang Wu. I couldn't take both of them and finally I had to go to the hospital for an I-V. I went a few days ago at 7:15 and had it for two days. I say this group of young, middle age and old are very amazing."

At the event, the host gave the team the chance to give a brief description of the story. Yet the actors all began to practice Tai Chi. Ge You revealed that in the film he played a swindler who the Jiang Wen played highway robber robbed, then came to Fat Gor's town. However, Jiang Wen denied Ge You's story and said that Ge You told that story blind. According to the promotion, Ge You who truly played a swindler was married to Lau Ka Ling. They were star crossed as they had extravagant times but also had down on their luck times. They even had to fight for their lives with weapons.

Someone missed Fat Gor's past character humor and asked whether LET will have comedy elements. Fat Gor joked, "No, Ge You got them all. If I perform well, he is done for. That's why I play the boss." Ge You repeatedly denied that. Fa Gor was asked whether he meant that Ge You could only play comedy? They looked at each other and laughed. Fat Gor even said, "Comedy is no problem. If I have to play it add four more zeroes for one part. For even four more zeroes I play two parts."

The host asked how Jiang Wen landed Ge You and Chow Yun Fat. Jiang Wen said that he originally could have swindled two Best Actors but he was useless. He only sent an one inch thick letter each to Chow Yun Fat and Ge You. When the host asked about the letter's content, Jiang Wen joked that actually it was a script and a check. However Fat Gor claimed that he didn't even see the script and only looked at the check. He joked that the check was already in his wife's hands and all he knew was it had a lot of zeroes. Reportedly the almost 200 million legendary epic LET THE BULLETS FLY was a story that took place in the Beiyang Warlord era in Southern China. It was planned for a mid next year release.

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