Friday, November 20, 2009


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Janice Man Wing Shan yesterday attended a shopping center opening ceremony. She looked tired because she has been working on her film FROZEN with Janice Vidal (Wai Lan). Janice Man said that yesterday she already entered her third day of over night shoot, an absolute challenge to the human body. Although she could take a nap on the ride but she only slept for a few hours over these few days.

Janice Man honestly said that when she saw the press' flash bulbs yesterday her eyes could not help but tear up. She still had to work on a fourth night scene, then performed as a guest in Leon Lai Ming's Foshan concert. She also said that she did not dare to sleep on the set because her face would swell when she slept. She could only get a lot of junk food to stay awake. As for advice from the boss about staying awake, she joked that she saw the boss playing video games when he was not in a shot.

Janice Man also said that she has been so busy that she did not even have time for breakfast and dinner. Although she had a lot of junk food she believed that she would not get fat. Reporters said that Wai Lan could not have junk food because she was afraid of getting fat. She said that for such a tough production eating was truly important. She also pointed out that Wai Lan actually had a very light diet. Janice Man also said that she performed many stunts herself this time. Although it was not an action film she had some falling and stumbling scenes. Earlier she shot a falling scene. Originally she had padding for her back and rear but when she landed she missed. Her back ended up with a bruise.

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