Tuesday, November 3, 2009


courtesy of singtao.com

Jackie Chan and "National Treasure Hurdle King" Liu Xiang yesterday attended a charity event. They sang TRUE HEART HERO (JUNG SUM YING HUNG), which was recorded into a record. They signed their autograph on the DVD and put their hand print on it for auction purposes. Jackie Chan joked, "You have to sing better, if you sing poorly I have to buy all the DVDs." Jackie Chan was Liu Xiang's childhood idol and grew up with his films, thus working together was added pressure to him. Jackie Chan said, "Liu Xiang is a national treasure who brought honor to the Chinese people. No one should give him too much pressure. Every time I make a movie, people look forward to even more thrilling stunts. I almost died from that."

Jackie Chan invited Liu Xiang to join him in POLICE STORY 8. "For now Liu Xiang has to perform well athletically. After he retires I will invite him to make a movie." Liu Xiang said, "Athletes have to perform in their sports. If conditions permit, I should be able to do anything."

Jackie Chan jokingly designed a character for him. "I think in my POLICE STORY 8, everyone will be able to see our performance. He will play a thief and I am chasing him. On the street he will hurdle bicycles and small cars."

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