Saturday, November 28, 2009


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Leon Jay Williams (Lap Wai Lim), Kitty Zhang Yuqi
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The film JUMP! (TIU CHOOK HUI) yesterday held a press conference. Director Stephen Fung Tak Lun attended with actors Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Leon Jay Williams (Lap Wai Lim) and Yao Wenxue. JUMP started production long ago. Originally Edison Chen Koon Hei was the male lead, but after the "erotic photo scandal" the role went to Lap Wai Lim. Did Fung Tak Lun feel any regret? He said, "This incident already happened, it was unprecedented. I couldn't do anything. Even the film company spent half a year to decide. I thank the company for not giving up on the film. Of course with the required edits I was somewhat reluctant." The film will open soon. With a lot of gray hair, was the stress too much? He said, "I certainly have stress, but I hope it was a friendly stress."

The original story creator Stephen Chow Sing Chi was to attend but in the end did not appear. Was Sing Yeh afraid of stealing his thunder? Fung Tak Lun said that perhaps Sing Yeh gave him a chance. Has he heard Sing Yeh's review of JUMP? He said that Sing Yeh has seen it and the review definitely was OK. If it was not he would not use his name. He said, "During the shoot, Sing Yeh didn't come to the set. Any suggestion or request for change was very general. He was not tyrannical. Sing Yeh is the King of Comedy. I too want to work with him again and learn everything from me." He even supported Sing Yeh and felt that he was not hard to get along with. Perhaps some reports misinterpreted or were just rumors. He said, "Earlier a Mainland reporter asked me about working with Sing Yeh. I stated the facts but the resulting report was completely different. I hope he didn't see it." Did Fung Tak Lun ask Chen Koon Hei to help with the promotion? He expressed that he did not contact him and joked that he was afraid of being turned down. As for whether Chen Koon Hei's role will appear on DVD, he expressed that was for the company to decide.

Zhang Yuqi expressed that she had to train hard on dancing this film. Which part was the toughest? She said, "When we shot in a farm village, where a lot of bugs and snake were. The assistant director at first thought I was scared, but actually I didn't see any." In the film she and the male lead had a kiss scene. She honestly said that she kissed both Chen Koon Hei and Lap Wai Lim. She said, "Both are handsome, I am very happy. However during the shoot it's very hard to enjoy the kiss." Some Mainland reported accused Zhang Yuqi of criticizing Sing Yeh. She expressed that never happened. Did she explain to Sing Yeh? She said, "We shall see later when I get a chance." Zhang Yuqi was asked whether she invited her boyfriend. Both she and her manager said, "I won't answer." Lap Wai Lim was asked whether remaking Chen Koon Hei's role was stressful. He honestly said that their styles were different. Before the shoot he did not see Chen Koon Hei's version in order to avoid any influence on his performance.

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