Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Chen Kun and Vicki Zhao Wei in PAINTED SKIN (WAT PEI) played a star crossed couple who ended up in a tragedy after running into a fox demon. This time in MULAN they continued their previous romance.

In MULAN they had many scenes together, the most memorable one for Zhao Wei was when she suffered an injury from an arrow. Chen Kun pulled the arrow out to treat her wound. Due to a lack of water he cut his wrist to feed Zhao Wei blood in order to quench her thirst. Zhao Wei said, "This scene was very able to express their sincere relationship. Although Chen Kun cut with fake blood, when I drank from his wrist it felt like real blood. I was both afraid and reluctant." Zhao Wei honestly said that MULAN was the most difficult film in her career, because she needed to handle a series of fight scenes as well as riding a horse. Before the shoot, she already spent two months on preparation as she studied martial art and horse riding from action director Stephen Tung Wai.

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