Monday, November 30, 2009


William Chan Wai Ting

Vivian Chow Wai Man, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu
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The Ann Hui On Wa directed lesbian film DUK HAN CHAU FAN (FREE TO FRY RICE) yesterday shot on location at Central. Actors included Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Vivian Chow Wai Man, William Chan Wai Ting, Jo Kuk Cho Lam, and Joey Man Yi Man. In the film Chow Wai Man and Ng Kwan Yu had many intimate scenes. The film will wrap early next month.

After a long hiatus from film, Chow Wai Man honestly said that she enjoyed the production very much. At first she was not used to it but now she was somewhat reluctant that the production was about to finish. She expressed that she would not only miss her on screen lover Kwan Yu but also the entire team. Will she make another film? Vivian expressed that she still has not decided yet and only wanted to do she is doing right now. She will take Christmas off. This year will be her first Christmas after becoming a Christian. She would like to attend Church events with her husband.

Kwan Yu expressed that the film had many intimate and daring scenes. She and Vivian earlier worked on a kiss scene but still had a bath battle. She also had an one night stand with Eddie Cheung Siu Fai. Her character was quite popular, aside from romantic scenes with Vivian and Cheung Siu Fai even Man Yi Man was her former girlfriend. Was Vivian a good kisser? She joked that she did not know and did not know how to tell. Reporters pointed out that many people wanted to kiss Vivian. Kwan Yu joked, "Let them be envious. Actually it's not great like other people say. It's just acting. I am not (Joe) Ngai Chun, even if it's not acting I wouldn't enjoy it. Most actors are very resistant to kiss scene. They had to go from not knowing each other to very quickly inject emotions. I would buy little gifts like slippers and tissue boxes to cheer Vivian up, so she would feel she was lovable. Then it's easier to get into character." Kwan Yu pointed out that when Vivian received her gift she joked that only women would know to buy stuff like these. Even Ngai Chun would not give her that. As for her husband Peter Chan Ho Sun, he would only buy her watches. Kwan Yu was happy for Nick Cheung Ka Fai's Golden Horse Best Actor victory. She also sent a text message to congratulate Best Supporting Actress Wai Ying Hung.

Man Yi Man has not acted in nine years. This time she and Kuk Cho Lam played a couple. However, their most intimate was putting their arms around each other's shoulders. As for passion with her husband, she joked that it was pretty stable. When they saw each other they would kiss and kiss goodbye as well.

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